TiDB 2.1.1 Release Notes

On December 12, 2018, TiDB 2.1.1 is released. Compared with TiDB 2.1.0, this release has great improvement in stability, SQL optimizer, statistics information, and execution engine.


  • SQL Optimizer/Executor
    • Fix the round error of the negative date #8574
    • Fix the issue that the uncompress function does not check the data length #8606
    • Reset bind arguments of the prepare statement after the execute command is executed #8652
    • Support automatically collecting the statistics information of a partition table #8649
    • Fix the wrongly configured integer type when pushing down the abs function #8628
    • Fix the data race on the JSON column #8660
  • Server
    • Fix the issue that the transaction obtained TSO is incorrect when PD breaks down #8567
    • Fix the bootstrap failure caused by the statement that does not conform to ANSI standards #8576
    • Fix the issue that incorrect parameters are used in transaction retries #8638
  • DDL
    • Change the default character set and collation of tables into utf8mb4 #8590
    • Add the ddl_reorg_batch_size variable to control the speed of adding indexes #8614
    • Make the character set and collation options content in DDL case-insensitive #8611
    • Fix the issue of adding indexes for generated columns #8655


  • Fix the issue that some configuration items cannot be set to 0 in the configuration file #1334
  • Check the undefined configuration when starting PD #1362
  • Avoid transferring the leader to a newly created peer, to optimize the possible delay #1339
  • Fix the issue that RaftCluster cannot stop caused by deadlock #1370


  • Avoid transferring the leader to a newly created peer, to optimize the possible delay #3878


  • Lightning
    • Optimize the analyze mechanism on imported tables to increase the import speed
    • Support storing the checkpoint information to a local file
  • TiDB Binlog
    • Fix the output bug of pb files that a table only with the primary key column cannot generate the pb event
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