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How to Add TiDB Docs Dash Badges to Your GitHub Profile

Your GitHub profile is more than just a collection of repositories; it is your professional identity in the coding world.

This guide walks you through the steps of adding TiDB Docs Dash 2024 badges to your GitHub profile.

Step 1. Create a repository for your profile README

If you have already set up your GitHub profile README, skip the following and go to Step 2. Edit your profile README.

  1. In the upper-right corner of any GitHub page, click +, and then click New repository.

  2. Type a repository name that matches your GitHub username. For example, if your username is ilovetidb, the repository name must be ilovetidb.

  3. Choose Public for the repository visibility.

  4. Under Initialize this repository with:, select Add a README file.

  5. Click Create repository.

Step 2. Edit your profile README

  1. On the GitHub page of your <github_username> repository, click Edit README above the right sidebar.

  2. Add the following code to your README file, replace {{github_username}} with your username, and commit the changes directly.

    <p> <img src="{{github_username}}/achievements?format=svg&limit=3" width="350" /> </p>

    Your GitHub profile now displays your TiDB Docs Dash badge. For more information about managing your profile README, see GitHub docs.

(Optional) Explore more with Vaunt

TiDB Docs Dash badges are granted via Vaunt, a developer relations platform that aims to empower and grow developer communities.

You can use additional Vaunt features to showcase your contributions to other open source projects as follows:

  • Integrate your developer card

    Example card:

    To integrate your developer card, add the following code to your README file and replace {{github_username}} with your username.

    <p> <a href=""> <img src="{{github_username}}/contributions?format=svg" width="350" /> </a> </p>
  • Integrate your community boards

    The community boards provide community statistics, repository insights, and a view into repository achievements.


    • Explore your own community boards.

    • Add the following code to your README file and replace {{github_username}} with your username:


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