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What's New in TiDB Operator 1.5

TiDB Operator 1.5 introduces the following key features, which helps you manage TiDB clusters and the tools more easily in terms of extensibility and usability.

Compatibility changes

To use the PreferDualStack feature (enabled with spec.preferIPv6: true) introduced in #4959, Kubernetes version >= v1.20 is required.

Rolling update changes

If TiFlash is deployed in a TiDB cluster that is v7.1.0 or later, the TiFlash component will be rolling updated after TiDB Operator is upgraded to v1.5.0 due to #5075.


  • Support specifying an initialization SQL file to be executed during the first bootstrap of TiDB with the bootstrapSQLConfigMapName field.
  • Support setting PreferDualStack for all Service's ipFamilyPolicy with spec.preferIPv6: true.
  • Support managing TiCDC and TiProxy with Advanced StatefulSet.
  • Add the BR Federation Manager component to support the backup and restore of a TiDB cluster deployed across multiple Kubernetes clusters based on EBS snapshots.


  • Support using the annotation to restart PD Pods gracefully.
  • Support using the annotation to restart TiDB Pods gracefully.
  • Allow users to define a strategy to restart failed backup jobs, enhancing backup stability.
  • Add metrics for the reconciler and worker queue to improve observability.
  • Add metrics for counting errors that occur during the reconciliation to improve observability.

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