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What's New in TiDB Operator 1.4

TiDB Operator 1.4 introduces the following key features, which helps you manage TiDB clusters and the tools more easily in terms of extensibility and usability.

Compatibility changes

Due to the change in #4683, the feature of modifying storage is disabled by default. If you want to resize the PVC for a component, you need to first enable this feature.

Rolling upgrade changes

Due to the change in #4493, if you deploy TiCDC without setting the log-file configuration item, the rolling upgrade of TiDB Operator to v1.4.0-alpha.1 and later versions will cause TiCDC to be rolling recreated.


  • Support managing TiDB Dashboard in a separate TidbDashboard CRD.
  • Support backup and restore based on Amazon EBS volume-snapshot.
  • Support scaling in or out multiple TiKV and TiFlash Pods at the same time.
  • Support restoring a cluster to a specific time point from a snapshot backup or a log backup using BR.
  • Support modifying the IOPS and throughput of AWS EBS storage used by a TiDB cluster.
  • Support TiProxy as an experimental feature.


  • Support configuring Liveness Probe for TiKV and PD.
  • Support automatically setting the location labels for TiDB.
  • Support mapping the short labels in the PD location labels to the well-known Kubernetes labels.
  • Support customizing the Pod container configuration using the additionalContainers field.
  • Support configuring the --check-requirements parameter for BR.
  • Add metric port for TiFlash Service.

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