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What's New in TiDB Operator 1.3

TiDB Operator 1.3 introduces the following key features, which helps you manage TiDB clusters and the tools more easily in terms of extensibility, usability, and security.

Compatibility changes

  • Enhance the feature of deploying a TiDB cluster across Kubernetes clusters. If you deploy a TiDB cluster across multiple Kubernetes clusters by TiDB Operator (<= v1.3.0-beta.1), upgrading TiDB Operator to v1.3.0 directly will change the image in use, cause the TiDB cluster to rolling update or even fail to run. If you need to upgrade TiDB Operator from earlier versions to v1.3.0, take the following steps:

    1. Update CRD.
    2. Add a new spec.acrossK8s field in the TidbCluster spec and set it to true.
    3. Upgrade TiDB Operator.
  • The ValidatingWebhook and MutatingWebhook of Pods are depricated. If you deploy Webhook in your TiDB cluster using TiDB Operator v1.2 or earlier versions, and enable ValidatingWebhook and MutatingWebhook of Pods, upgrading TiDB Operator to v1.3.0-beta.1 or later versions will cause ValidatingWebhook and MutatingWebhook to be deleted. But this has no impact on TiDB cluster management and does not affect the TiDB clusters in operation.

  • Generate v1 CRD to support deploying on Kubernetes v1.22 or later versions. If you deploy v1 CRD, TiDB Operator with v1.3.0-beta.1 or later versions will set the default baseImage field of all components. If you use the field image instead of the field baseImage to set image, upgrading TiDB Operator to v1.3.0-beta.1 will cause TiDB Cluster to roll upgrade and even fail to run because using wrong image. You have to upgrade TiDB Operator by the following steps:

    1. Use fields baseImage and version to replace the field image, refer to the document Configure TiDB deployment.
    2. Upgrade TiDB Operator.
  • Due to the issue in #4434, if you upgrade TiFlash to v5.4.0 or later when using TiDB Operator v1.3.0-beta.1 or v1.3.0, TiFlash might lose metadata and not work. If TiFlash is deployed in your cluster, it is recommended that you upgrade TiDB Operator to v1.3.1 or later versions before upgrading TiFlash.

  • Due to the issue in #4435, when using TiDB Operator v1.3.0 or v1.3.0-beta.1, you must set the tmp_path field in TiFlash's config to use TiFlash v5.4.0 or later versions. It is recommended that you upgrade TiDB Operator to v1.3.1 or later versions before you deploy TiFlash.

Rolling upgrade changes

  • Optimize the default configuration of TiFlash (>= v5.4.0). Since v1.3.0-beta.1, TiDB Operator optimizes the default configuration for TiFlash >= v5.4.0. If you deploy a TiDB cluster >= v5.4 using TiDB Operator v1.2, after upgrading TiDB Operator to v1.3.x, the TiFlash component will be rolling updated. It is recommended to upgrade TiDB Operator to v1.3.x before upgrading the TiDB cluster to v5.4.x.

  • TiKV under specific configurations might be rolling updated. If you deploy TiDB v5.0 or later versions, and configure spec.tikv.seperateRocksDBLog: true or spec.tikv.separateRaftLog: true, upgrading TiDB Operator to v1.3.x will cause TiKV to be rolling updated.

  • To support configuring Prometheus shards in the TidbMonitor CR, upgrading TiDB Operator to v1.3.x will cause the TidbMonitor Pod to be rolling updated.




  • Add a new spec.tidb.tlsClient.skipInternalClientCA field to skip server certificate verification when internal components access TiDB.
  • Add a new spec.tidb.initializer.createPassword field to support setting a random password for TiDB when deploying a new cluster.
  • Use secretRef in TidbMonitor to obtain Grafana password to avoid plaintext password.

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