You are viewing the documentation for an older major version of the TiDB Operator tool (TiDB Operator v1.0).

TiDB Operator v1.2, the latest major version of TiDB Operator, is now stable and recommended for general use. To view this page for TiDB Operator v1.2, click here.

TiDB Operator 1.0 Beta.1 Release Notes

Release date: December 27, 2018

TiDB Operator version: 1.0.0-beta.1

Bug Fixes

  • Fix pd_control bug: avoid relying on PD error response text (#197)
  • Add orphan pod cleaner (#201)
  • Fix scheduler configuration for Kubernetes 1.12 (#200)
  • Fix Grafana configuration (#206)
  • Fix pd failover bug: scale out directly when failover occurs (#217)
  • Refactor PD failover (#211)
  • Refactor tidb_cluster_control logic (#215)
  • Fix upgrade logic: avoid updating pd/tikv/tidb simultaneously (#234)
  • Fix PD control logic: get member/store before delete member/store and fix member id parse error (#245)
  • Fix documents errors (#213)
  • Fix backup and restore script bug (#251 #254 #255)
  • Fix GKE multiple availability zones deployment PD disk scheduling bug (#248)

Minor Improvements

  • Add Kubernetes 1.12 local DinD scripts (#195)
  • Bump default TiDB to v2.1.0 (#212)
  • Release tidb-operator/tidb-cluster charts (#216)
  • Add connection timeout for TiDB password setter job (#219)
  • Separate ad-hoc backup and restore to another chart (#227)
  • Add compiler version info to tidb-operator binary (#237)
  • Allow specifying TiDB service LoadBalancer IP (#246)
  • Expose TiKV cpu/memory related configuration to values.yaml (#252)