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TiDB Operator Overview

TiDB Operator is an automatic operation system for TiDB clusters on Kubernetes. It provides a full management life-cycle for TiDB including deployment, upgrades, scaling, backup, fail-over, and configuration changes. With TiDB Operator, TiDB can run seamlessly in the Kubernetes clusters deployed on a public cloud or in a self-hosted environment.

The corresponding relationship between TiDB Operator and TiDB versions is as follows:

TiDB versionsCompatible TiDB Operator versions
TiDB >= 8.01.6 (Recommended), 1.5
7.1 <= TiDB < 8.01.5 (Recommended), 1.4
6.5 <= TiDB < 7.11.5, 1.4 (Recommended), 1.3
5.4 <= TiDB < 6.51.4, 1.3 (Recommended)
5.1 <= TiDB < 5.41.4, 1.3 (Recommended), 1.2
3.0 <= TiDB < 5.11.4, 1.3 (Recommended), 1.2, 1.1
2.1 <= TiDB < v3.01.0 (End of support)

Manage TiDB clusters using TiDB Operator

TiDB Operator provides several ways to deploy TiDB clusters on Kubernetes:

Before deploying TiDB on any of the above two environments, you can always refer to TiDB Cluster Configuration Document to customize TiDB configurations.

After the deployment is complete, see the following documents to use, operate, and maintain TiDB clusters on Kubernetes:

When a problem occurs and the cluster needs diagnosis, you can:

Some of TiDB's tools are used differently on Kubernetes. You can see Tools on Kubernetes to understand how TiDB tools are used on Kubernetes.

Finally, when a new version of TiDB Operator is released, you can refer to Upgrade TiDB Operator to upgrade to the latest version.

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