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TiDB Operator 1.2.0-beta.1 Release Notes

Release date: April 7, 2021

TiDB Operator version: 1.2.0-beta.1

Compatibility Changes

  • Due to the changes of #3638, the apiVersion of ClusterRoleBinding, ClusterRole, RoleBinding, and Role created in the TiDB Operator chart is changed from rbac.authorization to In this case, upgrading TiDB Operator through helm upgrade may report the following error:

    Error: UPGRADE FAILED: rendered manifests contain a new resource that already exists. Unable to continue with update: existing resource conflict: namespace:, name: tidb-operator:tidb-controller-manager, existing_kind: v1, Kind=ClusterRole, new_kind:, Kind=ClusterRole

    For details, refer to helm/helm#7697. In this case, you need to delete TiDB Operator through helm uninstall and then reinstall it (deleting TiDB Operator will not affect the current TiDB clusters).

Rolling Update Changes

  • Upgrading TiDB Operator will cause the recreation of the TidbMonitor Pod due to #3785

New Features

  • Support setting customized environment variables for backup and restore job containers (#3833, @dragonly)
  • Add additional volume and volumeMount configurations to TidbMonitor(#3855, @mikechengwei)
  • Support affinity and tolerations in backup/restore CR (#3835, @dragonly)
  • The resources in the tidb-operator chart use the new service account when appendReleaseSuffix is set to true (#3819, @DanielZhangQD)
  • Support configuring durations for leader election (#3794, @july2993)
  • Add the tidb_cluster label for the scrape jobs in TidbMonitor to support monitoring multiple clusters (#3750, @mikechengwei)
  • Support setting customized store labels according to the node labels (#3784, @L3T)
  • Support customizing the storage config for TiDB slow log (#3731, @BinChenn)
  • TidbMonitor supports remotewrite configuration (#3679, @mikechengwei)
  • Support configuring init containers for components in the TiDB cluster (#3713, @handlerww)


  • Add retry for DNS lookup failure exception in TiDBInitializer (#3884, @handlerww)
  • Optimize thanos example yaml files (#3726, @mikechengwei)
  • Delete the evict leader scheduler after TiKV Pod is recreated during the rolling update (#3724, @handlerww)
  • Support multiple PVCs for PD during scaling and failover (#3820, @dragonly)
  • Support multiple PVCs for TiKV during scaling (#3816, @dragonly)
  • Support PVC resizing for TiDB (#3891, @dragonly)
  • Add TiFlash rolling upgrade logic to avoid all TiFlash stores being unavailable at the same time during the upgrade (#3789, @handlerww)
  • Retrieve the region leader count from TiKV Pod directly instead of from PD to get the accurate count (#3801, @DanielZhangQD)
  • Print RocksDB and Raft logs to stdout to support collecting and querying the logs in Grafana (#3768, @baurine)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix the issue that PVCs will be set to incorrect size if multiple PVCs are configured for PD/TiKV (#3858, @dragonly)
  • Fix the panic issue when .spec.tidb is not set in the TidbCluster CR with TLS enabled (#3852, @dragonly)
  • Fix the issue that some unrecognized environment variables are included in the external labels of the TidbMonitor (#3785, @mikechengwei)
  • Fix the issue that after the Pod has been evicted or killed, the status of backup or restore is not updated to Failed (#3696, @csuzhangxc)
  • Fix the bug that if the advanced StatefulSet is enabled and delete-slots annotations are added for PD or TiKV, the Pods whose ordinal is bigger than replicas - 1 will be terminated directly without any pre-delete operations such as evicting leaders (#3702, @cvvz)
  • Fix the issue that when TLS is enabled for the TiDB cluster, if spec.from or is not configured, backup and restore jobs with BR might fail (#3707, @BinChenn)
  • Fix the issue that when the TiKV cluster is not bootstrapped due to incorrect configuration, the TiKV component could not be recovered by editing TidbCluster CR (#3694, @cvvz)