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TiDB Operator 1.0 Beta.3 Release Notes

Release date: June 6, 2019

TiDB Operator version: 1.0.0-beta.3

v1.0.0-beta.3 What’s New

Action Required

  • ACTION REQUIRED: nodeSelectorRequired was removed from values.yaml.
  • ACTION REQUIRED: Comma-separated values support in nodeSelector has been dropped, please use new-added affinity field which has a more expressive syntax.

A lot of stability cases added

  • ConfigMap rollout
  • One PD replicas
  • Stop TiDB Operator itself
  • TiDB stable scheduling
  • Disaster tolerance and data regions disaster tolerance
  • Fix many bugs of stability test

New Features

  • Introduce ConfigMap rollout management. With the feature gate open, configuration file changes will be automatically applied to the cluster via a rolling update. Currently, the scheduler and replication configurations of PD can not be changed via ConfigMap rollout. You can use pd-ctl to change these values instead, see #487 for details.
  • Support stable scheduling for pods of TiDB members in tidb-scheduler.
  • Support adding additional pod annotations for PD/TiKV/TiDB, for example,
  • Support the affinity feature of k8s which can define the rule of assigning pods to nodes
  • Allow pausing during TiDB upgrade

Documentation Improvement

  • GCP one-command deployment
  • Refine user guides
  • Improve GKE, AWS, Aliyun guide

Pass User Acceptance Tests

Other improvements

  • Upgrade default TiDB version to v3.0.0-rc.1
  • Fix a bug in reporting assigned nodes of TiDB members
  • tkctl get can show cpu usage correctly now
  • Adhoc backup now appends the start time to the PVC name by default.
  • Add the privileged option for TiKV pod
  • tkctl upinfo can show nodeIP podIP port now
  • Get TS and use it before full backup using mydumper
  • Fix capabilities issue for tkctl debug command

Detailed Bug Fixes and Changes

  • Add capabilities and privilege mode for debug container (#537)
  • Note helm versions in deployment docs (#553)
  • Split public and private subnets when using existing vpc (#530)
  • Release v1.0.0-beta.3 (#557)
  • GKE terraform upgrade to 0.12 and fix bastion instance zone to be region agnostic (#554)
  • Get TS and use it before full backup using mydumper (#534)
  • Add port podip nodeip to tkctl upinfo (#538)
  • Fix disaster tolerance of stability test (#543)
  • Add privileged option for TiKV pod template (#550)
  • Use staticcheck instead of megacheck (#548)
  • Refine backup and restore documentation (#518)
  • Fix stability tidb pause case (#542)
  • Fix tkctl get cpu info rendering (#536)
  • Fix Aliyun tf output rendering and refine documents (#511)
  • Make webhook configurable (#529)
  • Add pods disaster tolerance and data regions disaster tolerance test cases (#497)
  • Remove helm hook annotation for initializer job (#526)
  • Add stable scheduling e2e test case (#524)
  • Upgrade TiDB version in related documentations (#532)
  • Fix a bug in reporting assigned nodes of TiDB members (#531)
  • Reduce wait time and fix stability test (#525)
  • Fix documentation usability issues in GCP document (#519)
  • PD replicas 1 and stop tidb-operator (#496)
  • Pause-upgrade stability test (#521)
  • Fix restore script bug (#510)
  • Retry truncating sst files upon failure (#484)
  • Upgrade default TiDB to v3.0.0-rc.1 (#520)
  • Add --namespace when creating backup secret (#515)
  • New stability test case for ConfigMap rollout (#499)
  • Fix issues found in Queeny's test (#507)
  • Pause rolling-upgrade process of TiDB statefulset (#470)
  • GKE terraform and guide (#493)
  • Support the affinity feature of Kubernetes which defines the rule of assigning pods to nodes (#475)
  • Support adding additional pod annotations for PD/TiKV/TiDB (#500)
  • Document PD configuration issue (#504)
  • Refine Aliyun and AWS cloud TiDB configurations (#492)
  • Update wording and add note (#502)
  • Support stable scheduling for TiDB (#477)
  • Fix make lint (#495)
  • Support updating configuration on the fly (#479)
  • Update AWS deploy docs after testing (#491)
  • Add release-note to (#490)
  • Design proposal of stable scheduling in TiDB (#466)
  • Update DinD image to make it possible to configure HTTP proxies (#485)
  • Fix a broken link (#489)
  • Fix typo (#483)
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