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Enable Dynamic Configuration for TidbMonitor

This document describes how to enable dynamic configuration for TidbMonitor.

TidbMonitor supports monitoring across multiple clusters and shards. Without dynamic configuration, when the Prometheus configurations, rules, or targets are changed, such changes only take effect after a restart. If you are monitoring a large dataset, after the restart, it might take a long time to recover the Prometheus snapshot data.

With dynamic configuration enabled, any configuration change of TidbMonitor takes effect immediately.

Enable the dynamic configuration feature

To enable the dynamic configuration feature, configure prometheusReloader in the spec field of TidbMonitor. For example:

apiVersion: kind: TidbMonitor metadata: name: monitor spec: clusterScoped: true clusters: - name: ns1 namespace: ns1 - name: ns2 namespace: ns2 prometheusReloader: baseImage: version: v0.49.0 imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent

After you modify the prometheusReloader configuration, TidbMonitor restarts automatically. After the restart, the dynamic configuration feature is enabled. All configuration changes related to Prometheus are dynamically updated.

For more examples, refer to monitor-dynamic-configmap.

Disable the dynamic configuration feature

To disable the dynamic configuration feature, remove the prometheusReloader configuration from the spec field of TidbMonitor.

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