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DM 2.0.5 Release Notes

Release date: July 30, 2021

DM version: 2.0.5


  • Support for filtering certain DML using SQL expressions #1832
  • Add config import/export command to import and export cluster sources and tasks configuration files for downgrade #1921
  • Optimize safe-mode to improve replication efficiency #1920
  • Maximize compatibility with upstream SQL_MODE #1894
  • Support upstream using both pt and gh-ost online DDL modes in one task #1918
  • Improve the efficiency of replication of DECIMAL types #1841
  • Support for automatic retry of transaction-related retryable errors #1916

Bug fixes

  • Fix the issue that the inconsistency of upstream and downstream primary keys might lead to data loss #1919
  • Fix the issue that too many upstream sources cause cluster upgrade failure and DM-master OOM #1868
  • Fix the issue of the configuration item case-sensitive #1886
  • Fix the issue that the default value of tidb_enable_change_column_type inside DM is wrong #1843
  • Fix the issue that the auto_random column in downstream may causes task interruption #1847
  • Fix the issue that operate-schema set -flush command causes DM-worker panic #1829
  • Fix the issue that DDL fails to coordinate within DM-worker due to repeated execution of the same DDL in pessimistic mode #1816
  • Fix the issue that wrong configuration causes DM-worker panic #1842
  • Fix the issue that redoing tasks causes loader panic #1822
  • Fix the issue that DM binlog file name is not timely updated after upstream master-slave switch #1874
  • Fix the issue of incorrect value of replication delay monitoring #1880
  • Fix the issue that block-allow-list fails to filter online DDL in some cases #1867
  • Fix the issue that the task cannot be stopped manually due to the error after automatic resuming #1917

Known issues

GitHub issues

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