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DM 2.0.4 Release Notes

Release date: June 18, 2021

DM version: 2.0.4


  • Support rescheduling and automatically resuming tasks after a DM-worker goes offline first and then comes back online during the full import #1784
  • Add the metric replicationLagGauge to monitor replication delay #1759
  • Restore schemas in parallel during the full import #1701
  • Support automatically adjusting the time_zone settings of both the upstream and downstream databases #1714
  • Improve the speed of rolling back incremental replication tasks after the tasks meet errors #1705
  • Automatically adjust GTID according to checkpoints when GTID is enabled during the incremental replication #1745
  • Detect the versions of upstream and downstream databases and record the versions in log files #1693
  • Use the schema from the dump stage of the full export as the initial schema for the incremental replication task of the same data source #1754
  • Decrease the time that the safe mode lasts after the incremental task is restarted to one minute to improve the replication speed #1779
  • Improve the usability of dmctl
    • Support setting the address of DM-master as an environment variable #1726
    • Support specifying the master-addr parameter anywhere in a dmctl command #1771
    • Use the encrypt/decrypt command instead of the --decrypt/-encrypt parameter to encrypt or decrypt the database password #1771

Bug fixes

  • Fix the issue that data may be lost after a non-GTID task restarts from interruption #1781
  • Fix the issue that the data source binding information may be lost after upgrading a DM cluster which has been downgraded before #1713
  • Fix the issue that etcd reports that the wal directory does not exist when DM-master restarts #1680
  • Fix the issue that the number of error messages reported from precheck exceeds the grpc limit #1688
  • Fix the issue that DM-worker panics when replicating unsupported statements from a MariaDB database of an earlier version #1734
  • Fix the issue that DM does not update the metric of relay log disk capacity #1753
  • Fix the issue that DM may panic when getting the master status of the upstream database binlog #1774

Known issues

GitHub issues

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