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DM 2.0.3 Release Notes

Release date: May 11, 2021

DM version: 2.0.3


  • Support deleting residual DDL locks using the command unlock-ddl-lock after the migration task is stopped #1612
  • Support limiting the number of errors and warnings that DM reports during the precheck process #1621
  • Optimize the behavior of the command query-status to get the status of upstream binlogs #1630
  • Optimize the format of sharded tables’ migration status output by the command query-status in the pessimistic mode #1650
  • Print help message first when dmtcl processes commands with the --help input #1637
  • Automatically remove the related information from monitoring panels after a DDL lock is deleted #1631
  • Automatically remove the related task status from monitoring panels after a task is stopped or completed #1614

Bug fixes

  • Fix the issue that DM-master becomes out of memory after DM is updated to v2.0.2 in the process of shard DDL coordination using the optimistic mode #1643 #1649
  • Fix the issue that the source binding information is lost when DM is started for the first time after updated to v2.0.2 #1649
  • Fix the issue that the flag in the command operate-source show -s does not take effect #1587
  • Fix the issue that the command operate-source stop <config-file> fails because DM cannot connect to the source #1587
  • Fix the finer-grained issue that some migration errors might be wrongly ignored #1599
  • Fix the issue that the migration is interrupted when DM filters online DDL statements according to binlog event filtering rules that are configured #1668

Known issues

GitHub issues

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