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DM 2.0.2 Release Notes

Release date: April 9, 2021

DM version: 2.0.2


  • Relay log GA
    • The relay log feature is no longer enabled by setting the source configuration file. Now, the feature is enabled by running commands in dmctl for specified DM-workers #1499
    • DM sends the commands query-status -s and purge-relay to all DM-workers that pull relay logs #1533
    • Align the relay unit‘s behavior of pulling and sending binlogs with that of the secondary MySQL database #1390
    • Reduce the scenarios where relay logs need to be purged #1400
    • Support sending heartbeat events when the relay log feature is enabled to display task progress with regular updates #1404
  • Optimistic sharding DDL mode
    • Optimize operations for resolving DDL conflicts #1496 #1506 #1518 #1551
    • Adjust the DDL coordination behavior in the optimistic mode to avoid data inconsistency in advance #1510 #1512
  • Support automatically recognizing the switching of upstream data sources when the source configuration needs no update, for example, when the IP address does not change #1364
  • Precheck the privileges of the upstream MySQL instance at a finer granularity #1336
  • Support configuring binlog event filtering rules in the source configuration file #1370
  • When binding an idle upstream data source to an idle DM-worker node, DM-master nodes firstly choose the most recent binding of that DM-worker node #1373
  • Improve the stability of DM automatically getting the SQL mode from the binlog file #1382 #1552
  • Support automatically parsing GTIDs of different formats in the source configuration file #1385
  • Extend DM-worker’s TTL for keepalive to reduce scheduling caused by poor network #1405
  • Support reporting an error when the configuration file contains configuration items that are not referenced #1410
  • Improve the display of a GTID set by sorting it in dictionary order #1424
  • Optimize monitoring and alerting rules #1438
  • Support manually transferring an upstream data source to a specified DM-worker #1492
  • Add configurations of etcd compaction and disk quota #1521

Bug fixes

  • Fix the issue of data loss during the full data migration occurred because DM frequently restarts the task #1378
  • Fix the issue that an incremental replication task fails to start when the binlog position is not specified together with GTID in the task configuration #1393
  • Fix the issue that DM-worker’s binding relationships become abnormal when the disk and network environments are poor #1396
  • Fix the issue that enabling the relay log feature might cause data loss when the GTIDs specified in upstream binlog previous_gtids events are not consecutive #1390 #1430
  • Disable the heartbeat feature of DM v1.0 to avoid the failure of high availability scheduling #1467
  • Fix the issue that the migration fails if the upstream binlog sequence number is larger than 999999 #1476
  • Fix the issue that DM commands hang when DM gets stuck in pinging the upstream and downstream databases #1477
  • Fix the issue that the full import fails when the upstream database enables the ANSI_QUOTES mode #1497
  • Fix the issue that DM might duplicate binlog events when the GTID and the relay log are enabled at the same time #1525

Known issues

GitHub issues

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