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DM 2.0.1 Release Notes

Release date: December 25, 2020

DM version: 2.0.1


  • Support the relay log feature in high availability scenarios #1353
    • DM-worker supports storing relay logs only locally.
    • In scenarios where a DM-worker node is down or is offline due to network fluctuations, the newly scheduled DM-worker pulls the upstream binlog again.
  • Restrict the handle-error command to only handle DDL errors to avoid misuse #1303
  • Support simultaneously connecting multiple DM-master nodes and automatically switching connected nodes in dmctl #1349
  • Add the get-config command to get the configuration of migration tasks and DM components #1348
  • Support migrating SQL statements like ALTER TABLE ADD COLUMN (xx, xx) #1345
  • Support automatically filtering SQL statements like CREATE/ALTER/DROP EVENT #1343
  • Support checking whether server-id is set for the upstream MySQL/MariaDB instance before the incremental replication task starts #1315
  • Support replicating schemas and tables with sql in their names during the full import #1259

Bug fixes

  • Fix the issue that restarting a task might cause fail to initial unit Sync of subtask error #1274
  • Fix the issue that the pause-task command might be blocked when it is executed during the full import #1269 #1277
  • Fix the issue that DM fails to create a data source for a MariaDB instance when enable-gtid: true is configured #1344
  • Fix the issue that the query-status command might be blocked when it is executed #1293
  • Fix the issue that concurrently coordinating multiple DDL statements in the pessimistic shard DDL mode might block the task #1263
  • Fix the issue that running the pause-task command might get the meaningless sql: connection is already closed error #1304
  • Fix the issue that the full migration fails when the upstream instance does not have the REPLICATION privilege #1326
  • Fix the issue that the route-rules configuration of a shard merge task does not take effect in the full import when the SQL_MODE of the task contains ANSI_QUOTES #1314
  • Fix the issue that DM fails to automatically apply the SQL_MODE of the upstream database during the incremental replication #1307
  • Fix the issue that DM logs the fail to parse binlog status_vars warning when automatically parsing the SQL_MODE of the upstream database #1299

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