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TiDB Data Migration release-5.3, the latest major version of TiDB Data Migration, is now stable and recommended for general use. To view this page for TiDB Data Migration release-5.3, click here.

Table Selector

Table selector provides a match rule based on wildcard characters for schema/table. To match a specified table, configure schema-pattern/table-pattern.

Wildcard character

Table selector uses the following two wildcard characters in schema-pattern/table-pattern:

  • The asterisk character (*, also called "star")

    • * matches zero or more characters. For example, doc* matches doc and document but not dodo.
    • * can only be placed at the end of the word. For example, doc* is supported, while do*c is not supported.
  • The question mark (?)

    ? matches exactly one character except the empty character.

Match rules

  • schema-pattern cannot be empty.
  • table-pattern can be empty. When you configure it as empty, only schema is matched according to schema-pattern.
  • When table-pattern is not empty, the schema is matched according to schema-pattern and table is matched according to table-pattern. Only when both schema and table are successfully matched, you can get the match result.

Usage examples

  • Matching all schemas and tables that have a schema_ prefix in the schema name:

    schema-pattern: "schema_*"
    table-pattern: ""
  • Matching all tables that have a schema_ prefix in the schema name and a table_ prefix in the table name:

    schema-pattern = "schema_*"
    table-pattern = "table_*"