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DM-master Configuration File

This document introduces the configuration of DM-master, including the configuration file template and configurable items.

Configuration file template

The following is a configuration file template of DM-master.

# log configuration
log-file = "dm-master.log"

# DM-master listening address
master-addr = ":8261"

# DM-worker deployment. It will be refined when the new deployment function is available.
source-id = "mysql-replica-01"
dm-worker = ""

source-id = "mysql-replica-02"
dm-worker = ""

Configurable items

Global configuration

log-fileThe log file. If not specified, the log is printed to the standard output.
master-addrThe address of DM-master which provides services. You can omit the IP address and specify the port number only, such as ":8261".

DM-worker configuration

Each DM-worker must be configured in separate [deploy] sections.

source-idUniquely identifies a MySQL or MariaDB instance, or a replication group with the primary-secondary structure, which needs to be consistent with the source-id of DM-worker.
dm-workerThe service address of DM-worker.
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